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Is Age Your Top Factor in Choosing a President?

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Don't listen to the GOP talking pointe Biden's age. Trump's nearly as old, is in worse physical condition, and is a danger to our country.

Is age your top factor in choosing a president? Do you want someon who knows the issues at stake and has a proven record of fighting for the values and beliefs that define America? Or are you hung up on the question of age where Joe Biden is concerned?

Remember, we are the “good guys.” We are the ones who believe in equality and that everyone should have a fair shot at achieving the American dream. President Biden shares that belief and has demonstrated that in his actions throughout his long career in public office, including the last four years as president.

In fact, Biden has shown that he is more interested in protecting that dream than holding rallies and throwing mud at the opposition. He gets the importance of protecting the middle class and would rather stand in a picket line with workers on strike for fair wages and benefits than perform before a crowd of those who are OK with name-calling and supporting crazy conspiracy theories, rather than talking about policy.

Biden understands that we cannot go back to visit the problems we have already won through pain and loss of lives. Donald Trump? He wants to build camps and has stated, “Our threat is from within,” vowing to “root out the communists, Marxists, fascists, and the radical-left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country that lie and steal and cheat on elections.”

Keep in mind that Joe Biden beat Trump in the last election and at this point is the only viable Democratic candidate who can do so again -- despite the fears of many Democrats who worry about his age, health, and mental acuity. They forget that Trump is only a couple years younger and appears to be in far worse physical condition -- despite the phony letter from his favorite "doctor" attesting to his "perfect" health.

Those who do not understand that we are a nation in turmoil obviously missed those horrible days from our past. Unfortunately, some of those who plan to run for president either don’t know how dire the circumstances are that must be resolved by the leaders of our nation, or they do know and simply do not see them as deeply troubling. Those are the ones we cannot afford to place in power.

Do we want to see someone who is younger, but less experienced than Biden, try to go against Trump? You would prefer a female candidate, you say, even though there are none on the Democratic side who are running. Face it. While a woman might be qualified and experienced, there are too many long-held beliefs against women in power to risk that attempt in these perilous times.

Joe Biden is our guy. Let’s get behind him and beat Trump, the would-be dictator, one more time.

Enough is enough!

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