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Is America an Empire?

Updated: Feb 28

British author Patrick Watts has published a new book called “The End of the American Empire,” in which he warns that unless some of the issues that beset our country are resolved, the “American empire” will collapse.


What lies ahead for our country unless changes are made? Is America an empire?


Watts writes that “The wounds of the past cannot be healed through ignoring the fact they ever occurred, but neither through an endless cycle of guilt, apology and revenge.


“In an increasingly divisive, fraught political climate full of hyperbole, accusation, and online echo chambers, the American people need to remember who they are and why they have ruled the world for almost a century."


He says that with the possible return of Donald Trump to the presidency, "the lessons of this book must be learnt now.”


Patrick is based in London and joins us from there. With degrees in history and international relations, he is a non-partisan observer eager to help Americans navigate what he believes is a crucial and perilous moment in our nation’s history.


Is America an Empire?

Patrick’s book addresses the current climate as the country gears up for the election. Arguing that the United States is best described as an empire, he lays out the historical, political, social and geopolitical reasons why the American empire might collapse sooner rather than later, with huge domestic and global consequences.

Some questions we discussed with Watts:

·    You’re British. Why did focus on the US, and how are you qualified to do so?

·    Why do you use the term American Empire?

·    What do you believe is causing the decline of the American Empire?

·    Why do you believe the American Empire should be prolonged?

·    How can the fraught political climate in the US be improved?

·    Do you think the American political model is destined to fail?

·    Do you believe another American Civil War will occur in your lifetime?

·    What parallels have you observed with the end of previous Empires with the current situation in the US?

·    Who do you hope wins the upcoming American presidential election?

·    Is China the biggest threat to the U.S.?

·    Which charities will benefit from the sales of your book?

·    What is the Access Project? How can people get involved?

·    Where can people learn more about The End of the American Empire and how can they reach out to you?

Listen to the interview:

View the interview:


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