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On a Quest to End Division & Hate

The latest episode of the NFN Radio News Podcast features Yvener Duroseau, author of “Alike Regardless: This is Where it Began,” who's mission is to encourage us to challenge the status quo, fight for social justice, and seek to challenge the norm of division that’s present in humankind.

All of that sounds a bit fanciful, perhaps even naive, but this Haitian-born author is determined to make a worldwide impact, using his platform as a diversity inclusion consultant, author and motivational speaker to help change minds.

Yvener's debut book, "Alike Regardless," challenges the norm of division present in humankind. It is a call to action for people to recognize the beauty and uniqueness throughout the human race and cease wearing the blinders of bigotry and hate.

In his book, to be published August 26. Yvener pours out his soul, reveals the dreams he has for a more diverse and socially just world, and prompts readers to think more deeply about these issues.

On the podcast, Yvener challenges us to look inward, assess the reasons for racist or discriminatory thoughts, and commit to putting those aside. His is a message of positivity, of optimism, of hope. It is a view of what the world could be if we all would just try.

"Even if you were taught to hate, if you can set your mind to be taught to love, that can change everything," he says.

Take a listen. It's worth your time.

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1 Comment

Mark M. Bello
Mark M. Bello
Jul 27, 2021

Two out of three of these guys are really good looking and smart!

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