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A Crusade to Overcome Divisions in our Society

Kevin Hoffman (l) discusses his effort to bridge divisions in America with Bob Gatty on the NFN Radio News podcast.

Kevin D. Hofmann is the author of "Growing Up Black in White," the story of a young man who by the time he turned 2 years old had survived an intended abortion, been given away by his mother, adopted by a family of another race, and woke up to a burning cross in his front yard.

Kevin was born in Detroit in August 1967 two weeks after the riots that changed that city forever. It was out of these amazing circumstances his life and purpose began, and it is out of these experiences he tells his story.

It’s a story of struggle and joy, pain and passion, and most of all hope. And now, because of his own life experiences, Kevin works to unite the races that share equal parts of his DNA.

Kevin presently works with k-12 school districts, universities, and organizations in the area of diversity and inclusion. From such a unique world view, he works to create a place where ALL can thrive.

In his interview with the NFN Radio News podcast, Kevin discusses many of those experiences, how he was put up for adoption by his White mother who had become pregnant with him after an extramarital affair with a Black man -- only after she decided against the abortion just an hour before it was to take place.

After being welcomed into a White family, his dad was the pastor of a church whose leaders immediately turned against him because he and his wife had adopted a little Black boy. And so he took a job in another church in a predominately Black neighborhood, where Kevin grew up.

Today, in his 50s, Kevin works to bridge the racial divide that still exists and, in fact, seems to have worsened in recent years. He works with very young children because he believes that is where ideas and opinions that last a lifetime are born.

And, he has written a book that he hopes will help carry his message of hope and encouragement to others.

You can listen to the complete interview here:

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