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Presidentially Fit Mentality?

Actor James Woods recently tweeted a description of Donald Trump heaping his praises and describing what he likes about him, perhaps offering insight as too why so many people supported and continue to support Trump.

Key words like vain, insensitive, raw, and rough stick out. Woods managed to tweet the Obamagate conspiracy, as well, as reported in The Hill.

I’ll admit I’ve admired Woods acting roles, but he has portrayed himself the same way as the rally goers and the recent protesters have acted. But for those on the other end of the spectrum, you may scratch your head and ask how and why does being raw, rough and insensitive qualify someone to this highest honor in our country?

A recent meme popped up showing a sign for your back window that read “If you’re a Trump supporter, stay back 150 feet, I don’t trust your judgement”. That says a lot.

In 2016, Trump capitalized on people’s misery and disgust of the status quo and pointed at Democrats, Republicans, and Washington DC in general. That playbook apparently is open again, according to this Associated Press article.

His supporters are still out there. The ones who watch a boxing match or full contact fight from the comfort of their sofa’s, hoping someone gets knocked out, maybe sheds blood as well. The guy at happy hour telling everyone how he could run the company better. The uncle at the family barbecue who has all the answers for the world’s problems as he consumes beer after beer.

The Trump strategy of divisiveness continues as he wages war against the media, Democrats and Washington insiders. The deep state conspiracy theories sizzle everyday like a burger on the grill, along with accusations that the people scoring his presidency are corrupt ringside judges.

This country has open elections. We have three co-equal branches of government and a free press. That is how you fix problems, not by electing someone who claims that he alone is the solution to everything.

We can and should avoid engaging or even trying to rationalize with Trump supporters; we know where they stand, so hopefully with a free press, responsible voices in Congress, and a presidential candidate who appeals to the disfranchised voter from 2016, we can get back to some sort of normalcy after November.

Raw or rough is no way to serve a steak, and it's no way to behave as president.

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