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Republicans vs Democrats: Who's the Kinkiest?

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Seems like there’s always some sort of sex scandal involving politicians, and political persuasion doesn’t seem to have much to do with who's the kinkiest.

For example about the same time we learned that the female prosecutor in the Georgia Trump election case, a Democrat, has been having an affair with an attorney she brought on to help out, the Florida Republican chair was fired because he and his wife engaged in a threesome and the other woman involved accused him of not-so-nice activities.

So, I thought it would be appropriate to have a look at what makes Republicans and Democrats tick when it comes to such bedroom activities. What do members of each party like to do in the bedroom (or shower, or anywhere else…)?

To answer that question we have with us on the Lean to the Left podcast Bella Cummins, who has for years owned and operated a legal brothel in the rural community of Wells, Nevada. She surveyed some of her “politically transparent” clients to learn the sexual preference differences between members of the two parties.

Who's the Kinkiest?

Here's a summary of Bella's survey results:

R vs D sex survey results

Bella Cummins, who wants to be known as “America’s Madam,” is America’s longest-serving living legal brothel owner as the proprietor and operator of Bella’s Hacienda Ranch, a licensed brothel located in Wells, Nevada.

She says her adult entertainment destination in Northeast Nevada provides a safe and lawful option for courtesans to prosperously practice their trade. Serving customers from across the globe, Bella’s offers a myriad of exclusive amenities, including VIP accommodations and a selection of erotic specialty rooms.  

The 74-year-old Cummins also founded the Onesta Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to support Nevada sex workers and advocate for prostitution legalization throughout the United States. More on the Onesta Foundation can be found at

Here are some questions we posed to Bella:

Q. Tell us a little bit about Bella’s Hacienda Ranch – how you came to purchase it and why, and what you guys do there.

Q. Have you worked as a prostitute yourself? Has this been a rewarding experience?

Q. Over all these years, how many sex workers have you employed and how many customers have been served?

Q. What prompted you to survey “politically transparent” clients to determine who likes what when it comes to sex? BTW, what does “politically transparent” mean?

Q. OK, what are some of the key differences that your survey revealed? What do Republicans like more than Democrats, and vice versa, when it comes to sex?

Q. Any idea why that is?

Q. Any ideas why so many politicians get into trouble over sex?

Q. Tell us about the Onesta Foundation and what you do there.

Q. Why should prostitution be legalized? Who would benefit from that?

Q. You say that regulations need to accompany decriminalization. In what form?

Q. Sex work is dangerous…how so?

Q. Wouldn’t legalization of prostitution promote human trafficking?

Q. Do you really see this country legalizing and regulating prostitution, especially with the outsized influence of the right-wing Christian conservatives on government policy these days?

Listen to the podcast:

View the podcast interview:

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