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The Biggest Loser

So, Donald Trump, the twice impeached former president, is a bigger loser than we thought as the Republicans' own recount in Arizona's Maricopa County have him losing to Joe Biden by 360 votes more than the disputed official election results.

That recount was run by Trump's own supporters and their own hand-picked contractor, and yet when it was over, Trump was an even bigger loser than before.

And so, really pissed, Trump threw a Trumpertantrum and fired off a spate of emails to reporters mischaracterizing the report, according to The Hill.

“They are so dishonest but Patriots know the truth!” Trump said in one such message, before demanding that Arizona decertify its results.

Patriots! Give me a break. People who believe Trump's BS are idiots, not patriots, and some are even traitors (see Jan. 6 insurrection).

Trump, just shut up!

But we digress, which is easy to do when writing about Donald John Trump, in my opinion, the biggest -- and sorest -- loser in the history of America.

Nevertheless, there are enough Republican Trump zealots out there that still believe his BS that similar recounts have been launched in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. In Texas, nine hours after Trump demanded that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) back such an inquiry, the secretary of state's office announced an investigation of votes in four of the state's largest counties. Recounts are reportedly being considered in Florida and Michigan.

So, just think. I'm no math genius, but if all of those four counties in Texas and the other four states states actually complete recounts and the results mirror those in Maricopa County, AZ, that would mean Biden will gain a cool 2,880 more votes -- in addition to the 360 the Republicans added to his total in Arizona.

That would mean his victory margin overall would increase by 3,160 more votes than previous official results.

Trump and the Republicans should quit while they are behind.

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Mark M. Bello
Mark M. Bello
Sep 25, 2021

Bob: What has to happen (and probably never will) is a huge percentage of the 75,000,000 turn away from this catastrophe of a human being. What is the attraction? A mystery to me, but there is no accounting for taste and, seemingly, no gutter these people won't follow him into. Assuming polls begin to show declining support, the Republican Party would toss him to the curb like last week's garbage. It is sad these Republicans have no public interest spine; they are only concerned with their chances in the next election, which causes them to lick his . . . well . . . boots.

The country will continue to suffer until enough Republican congressmen and senators either grow a…

Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
Sep 25, 2021
Replying to

Great insight, Mark.

Dear readers, please consider Mark's comment to be the closing of my blog. After all, he does contribute to Not Fake News!

By the way, Mark has a new book coming out, and it's on preorder right now for just .99! Check out Betrayal at the Border. The guy is really good.

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