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We Need a President Who...

The White House
What attributes do we expect in our President?

Not Fake News member Deb Winkler, who like many Americans is frustrated and disgusted with the Trump presidency, sent us a list of attributes she believes should be inherent in every President of the United States.

I took the liberty of posting that list on a local Democratic organization's Facebook page and asked readers to add to it if they wished. Here's Deb's list, first, and then some of the comments submitted via Facebook.

We need a president who:

  • Is refined and sophisticated enough to use proper language.

  • Will not mock a disabled reporter and then make derogatory comments about an entertainer beloved by many for calling him on it.

  • Has respect for women.

  • Shows respect for people even when their opinions differ from his.

  • Congratulates a nobel prize winner and Time's Person of the Year and be proud and happy for them instead of being bitter because he thinks he is deserving of those titles.

  • Takes the opinions and research of well known scholars regarding climate change and environmental issues.

  • Puts the interests of our country ahead of his personal interests.

  • Doesn't call people inappropriate names.

Is that too much to ask?

No, Deb, it's not.

And now the additional comments from Facebook:

  • Is not the laughing stock of the world.

  • Doesn't lie thousands of times to the American people.

  • Doesn't limit our daily flushing.

  • Tells the truth about things large and small.

  • Acts like the president we had.

  • Is a fighter for the working class.

  • Is honored and humbled to be in the Oval Office, and understands his/her Constitutional duty to serve in the executive branch in a manner that is honorable and lawful.

And then, there was this comment:

"No, it’s not too much to ask. We took these things for granted in the past. Now we realize we can’t assume anything. Trump certainly proves that."

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1 Comment

Thank you Bob! The comment about us taking these things for granted is true. Democrat or Republican president, I certainly never expected a president to behave like this. Today someone made a comment to me suggesting that no Republican candidate would be able to succeed him or even try to run against him-why??? What about this president seems to intimidate everyone?

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