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Check Out NFN Radio News, the Podcast

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

If you haven't checked out our podcast at NFN Radio News, why not give it a listen?

Almost all of our Not Fake News blogs are narrated, so for those times when you don't have time to read, or you want to listen while working out or relaxing, just tune in. Easy peasy.

In addition to our narrations, we are increasingly featuring interviews, which are always announced and summarized here on Not Fake News. But there's nothing like getting the full story from the complete interview.

Our latest interview was with Dr. Don Vaughn, a neuroscientist who works for a new company called Invisibly, which is looking to turn the internet and big social media companies upside down. Get this: they say they’ve developed a way that regular people like you and me can actually get paid for the use of our own data, instead of companies like Google and Facebook. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, have a look at our new media kit above. Advertisers are now jumping all over NFN Radio News. Whodathunkit!

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