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For Trump Businesses, it's Happy Holidays

Despite Donald Trump's claim that he's made it OK to say "Merry Christmas" again, his own stores, restaurants and hotels use the more inclusive "Happy Holidays," reports The Guardian.

Remember how during his campaign he promised to win the "war on Christmas" as part of his drive against "political correctness", for which he blamed President Obama?

Well, it turns out that Trump's own businesses are very carefully politically correct.

The Trump Store has an online Holiday Gift Guide, where gifts are "carefully created to celebrate the most wonderful time of year with truly unique gifts...Add a bow on top with our custom gift wrapping. Happy Holidays."

If you're still shopping this Christmas Day, you can "find the perfect present for the enthusiast on your list." Such as the Trump Gold Gift Set for $45, described this way:

"Trump is known for setting the gold standard worldwide and now you can gift a little piece of Trump for someone special on your list. Set includes a beautiful gold bar coin bank, Trump gold bar key chain and the iconic Trump Clock Magnet. Complimentary gift wrapping included!"

The Guardian article points out that Trump has continued to talk about the "war on Christmas," including at a July rally and a recent fundraising email where he said Christmas "was under siege" before his victory.

The article's author noted that a recent visit to Trump Tower, described as "Trump's signature New York City erection," revealed that Christmas is not mentioned anywhere in the building's public space. But the Trump Grill does have "holiday menu" options, such as the Trump burger, which comes with cheese, egg and "brownie ala mode."

Similarly, The Tump Tower wished people "Happy Holidays" on its Twitter feed in December 2016, just a month after his election, and has used the phrase twice this month as well.

You see the trend. It's just another of Trump's hypocritical positions that he's milked to generate support, and now, as the fundraising email reveals, cash for his 2020 campaign (which, I hope, never happens).

As I wrote at this time last year, "For me, it's "Merry Christmas," regardless of who I'm talking to. I have no way of knowing the religion of everyone I might meet this time of year. So, I say, "Merry Christmas," but it's fine with me if they respond with, "Happy Holidays, Bob. Have a great one!"

After all, it's just an expression of good will, and isn't that what this season is supposed to be about?

So, Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you are having a great day!

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