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Tired of Attacking Aliens, Man Sells Ranch

To all of my loyal readers who follow the stories of UFOs and other types of paranormal events, I'm passing on this story of an Arizona man who has grown so tired of fending off black-eyed attacking aliens on his property that he's decided to sell his beautiful $6.5 million Stardust Ranch.

The Stardust Ranch. Photo by John Edmonds

According to this account from AZ Family, John Edmonds claims that since he and his wife Joyce moved into the 9.67-acre horse ranch in the Rainbow Valley of Arizona in 1995, they have been the victims of numerous attacks from extra-terrestrials with sinister intentions. He claims he has been forced into life-or-death battles with the creatures and that he has killed 19 of them, at least one with a Samurai sword.

He told reporters that one bloody battle occurred after the aliens attempted to abduct his wife from her bed. “They actually levitated her out of the bed in the master chamber and carried her into the parking lot and tried to draw her up into the craft, ” he recalled.

However, Edmonds said even the Samurai sword wasn’t a completely effective weapon. “Unless you cut the head off and disconnect the antennae they instantly ‘phone home.’ Even with a razor-sharp sword, it is nearly impossible to decapitate them with one swing. ”

Edmonds sword lies in a pool of dried blood he says belonged to an alien that he slashed to death.

The bloody sword was shown lying in some apparently dried blood. However, there were no pics in the AZ Family report on on Edmonds Facebook page of actual decapitated alien bodies, prompting many commenters to doubt the veracity of Edmonds' story.

But, there was one entirely plausible explanation offered by one commenter: when you kill an alien, the body disintegrates, he said. Of course, that is perfectly logical.

Edmonds' aliens-inflicted wounds.

Edmonds showed pics of wounds he said he suffered at the hands of the aliens. They look nasty, alright. Like maybe he got caught on some barbed wire or an angry human slashed him a time or two with a kitchen knife.

I don't want you to get the idea I don't believe this guy. After all, he is serious enough to sell a pretty nice piece of property purportedly due to the unwanted and life threatening alien attacks.

In the TV interview above, he says whoever buys the place will be in for an "educational experience."

I guess.

My thanks to subscriber Scott Ramminger for digging up this story. Scott was a reporter back in the day, so he knows a good news story when he sees one.

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