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'The Oranges', Pickle Ball & More

Check out our latest episode on Red Shock Radio for some hilarious and no-holds-barred commentary about the latest news and developments over the past few days.

In this episode, hosts Red Ivar and Nick Mastro and I cover such earthshaking events as President Trump's call for an investigation into the "oranges" of the Mueller Russia "witch hunt" investigation, my initial foray on the pickle ball court during which I was cautioned against the high crime of "poaching," the dangers of smoking and much more.

Red Shock Radio is a growing podcast that's chock full of irreverent commentary by Ivar and Mastro, two buddies from Long Island who seem to have never grown up. They're retired construction workers who are hilarious and Not Fake News has entered into an alliance with them to promote our sites.

We hope to present weekly podcasts that will feature their "interviews" with me as I cover the highlights of Not Fake News' entries over the past week.

Hope you will find it entertaining, perhaps while you're stuck in traffic or anywhere you're bored out of your mind. You can watch the video version by clicking the image above, or listen to the audio version here.

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