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A U.S. Communist Talks Social Revolution

Jamarr Jabari calls for an end to capitalism in the U.S. in Lean to the Left podcast interview.

Finally, the House of Representatives has passed the sweeping infrastructure bill promised by President Biden, and nutcase GOP Rep. Marjory Taylor Greene (MTG) of Georgia says it's all part of "Biden's Communist takeover of America."

Greene needs to be sent to the looney bin, but in the meantime she might want to listen to this episode of The Lean to the Left Podcast, which features a young American Communist who talks about what Communism is all about and what it would involve for the U.S. She might actually learn something, if that is possible.

Our guest is Jamarr Jabari, a 29-year-old member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, or the Communist party in the United States, and he talks about his hopes for social revolution in the U.S.

Jabari, who subscribes to the idea that capitalism should be replaced with full-fledged socialism in the United States and that private home and land ownership should be eliminated, is a passionate community organizer and committed to pushing for sweeping governmental policies that will benefit the average working person, rather than the well-to-do.

In our interview, Jabari pulls no punches. He says both the Democratic and Republican parties simply sell out to powerful corporate interests, although he agrees that Democratic policies and actions generally are preferred over the Republicans'

He hosts a podcast called the Jabari VOC Podcast and his Facebook page says he’s a Marxist, Leninist, and PanAfricanist. He calls people Comrade on his podcast. So, I guess that proves he's a Communist.

If you are curious about the ideas, goals, and plans of those who would eliminate the capitalistic system in the U.S., take a listen to this interview. It will be more informative than listening to the wacko rantings of MTG.

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