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Comparing WWII & the Russo-Ukraine War

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s deal to prevent shutting down the government omitted a $6 billion request for aid to support Ukraine in its war with Russia.

Today on the Lean to the Left podcast we have a guest who will describe her parents’ experience in Nazi slave camps and who is writing a book comparing WWII & the Russo-Ukraine War today.

Oksana Kukurudza’s parents were in Nazi slave camps during WWII, then liberated by the U.S. Army, placed in refugee camps, and then finally settled in America where they raised their 12 children.

On the episode, we talk about the parallels between little known events of WWII to post-WWII Germany, including the 12 million Eastern European Nazi slaves, and the last million refugees --and how these events are eerily familiar to events in Ukraine.

Oksana Kukurudza, the American born daughter of Ukrainian immigrants, is an author and management consultant living in New York City. Since the events of February, 2022, she is writing a narrative non-fiction to shine a light on her parents' experience as slaves of the Third Reich and how today's Ukraine differs from the Ukraine she worked in for 18 months in 1996-97.

in this episode, Kukurudza discusses both the similarities between Hitler's actions in World War II as he enslaved Slavs and Vladimir Putin's actions today, including taking children from their Ukranian families and settling them with Russian families where they are indoctrinated to become Russian, as well as the atrocities that stem from Russia's bombing of civilian targets resulting in the death of innocent non-combatants, including women and children.

It's a piece of history that is little known and is related first-hand by this daughter of Ukranian parents who had been enslaved by the Nazis.

Listen to the episode:

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C J Waldron
C J Waldron
09 ott 2023

Republicans are opposed to further aid to Ukraine. They ignore history, so they fail to recognize the parallels between the current situation and British Prime Minister Neville Chammberlain’s false boast of “Peace in our time” as they want to abandon Ukraine to Russian domination. Putin wants to reestablish the former Soviet Union, so he will not stop at Ukraine.

Mi piace
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