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Podcast Discussion: Prepaid Legal Services

Think it's possible to always have a lawyer available to help with legal issues at a cost less than a cappuccino a week at Starbucks?

Check out this episode of The Lean to the Left Podcast, in which Novelist/attorney Mark Bello speak with Tara Paustenbach (left), who has partnered with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. since 1998. She recruits, trains and develops Associates across the U.S. and Canada to market the company’s products -- LegalShield and ID Shield for home and business.

For Pre-Paid Legal, she has served as Regional Manager and Regional Vice President in Southern California, and most recently as Regional Vice President in Texas, helping to develop people for leadership positions.

Tara is passionate about Pre-paid legal services and we will soon find out why. By the way, during the Covid crisis, Tara has worked from home and managed to raise and homeschool her 14 year-old son. So, she’s been wearing a lot of hats!

We interviewed Tara for the Justice Counts podcast, which I co-host with Bello, and share with you now. There's some good info here.

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