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What is Wrong with People?

Are you guys sick and tired of dealing with people who stubbornly refuse to wear a mask, even as the coronavirus pandemic worsens and deaths continue to mount?

How would you like to work in an establishment, where your pay is peanuts and the work is long and hard, and you have to deal with customers who simply refuse to comply with wear-a-mask requirements?

At this Denny's, the server simply had enough so she quit and headed for the door after a pair of customers walked in and refused to wear masks inside the restaurant.

"We have a religious exemption, we just don't want to wear a mask," said one of the men, apparently the one filming the incident, which appeared to be some sort of a setup. Otherwise, why would he have been recording a simple visit to a Denny's in the first place?

Holding menus, the server told the man he is required to wear a mask in the establishment, to which he replied that his refusal is covered by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. "We have a religious exemption," he said.

Had enough, the server slammed the menus down, turned on her heels and headed for the door.

“You know what? I quit!” she said. “I f*cking quit! What is wrong with you people?”

"Why are you discriminating against us?" the would-be customer asked.

"I'm not discriminating against you," the server snapped.

The manager then showed up and told the customer that if he refused to wear a mask there would be no service.

"We'll take our business elsewhere," the customer said, heading for the door.

"Fine," the manager replied.

What is wrong with these people?

Do they not realize what is going on in our country? Do they not realize that masks protect them as well as others? Do they not care?

Or have they listened to Donald Trump for so long that they actually believe the pandemic is not real, that they are somehow protected, and that their rights are more important than anyone else's?

Whatever, one thing is clear.

They obviously have not suffered the loss of a close friend or family member to Covid-19. More than 302,000 families across our nation have not been so fortunate. That's up 2,000 from yesterday.

Wear a damn mask!

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1 comentario

What I fail to understand is why religion comes into play here. All of the religions I am familiar with teach us to love, care for and help each other. Wondering what religion those people are. The fact that I wear a mask to protect others as well as myself has absolutely nothing to do with my religions beliefs. Neither does washing my hands and adhering to recommended social distancing. I can also wear a Band-Aid without concerning myself with religious beliefs!!!!

Me gusta
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