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Yes, in DC, a $100,000 Bottle of Water

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

They actually add stuff to their water to provide "true hydration."

Only in Washington, DC, where Republicans control the White House, the big government agencies, and the U.S. Senate, could you find a diamond studded bottle of water that sells for $100,000 -- unless, of course, it's maybe Beverly Hills or Palm Springs, California.

Or perhaps, Mar-a-Lago, but that's just a guess.

Yes, I kid you not, there is a new bar in our nation's capital where the only thing they sell is water. People supposedly sit around on pleather sofas or red plastic chrome trimmed chairs and drink...drum roll please...water.

It's got an extremely creative name: Water Bar DC. That way you know what it is, I guess. No sense in muddying the water. Yuk yuk.

In case you're too lazy, or uninterested, to click on the link above, here's what they sell:

But in addition, they have "high end" offerings. Check them out:


So a Washington Post reporter visited the Water Bar DC to check them out. Here's her story. It's hilarious.

For an added laugh, check out the discussion between my wife, Jackie, and me regarding this earthshaking development. Click on the video below.

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