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Satire: Fox News to Buy Sexy Vixen Vinyl Website

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Apparently based on recommendations from right wing commentator Brit Hume, Fox News reportedly is in negotiation to purchase the porn website, #SexyVixenVinyl.

"Brit is all over that site and we highly value his judgement," said a #FoxNews insider who asked not to be named so she could speak candidly about internal corporate discussions. "I also like that site. It's where I get a lot of ideas for my own after hours activities, so I think this is great." #ooohlala

True enough, Hume, who once was a legit news correspondent until he sold his soul to Fox, has been caught (actually he let the cat out of the bag himself) checking out that site, which features hot women in less than conservative attire, much of which appears to be vinyl.

How did he get caught?

Well, thinking he was being a smart ass by tweeting out a screen grab from, which shows Trump defeating either Sanders or Biden in November, he apparently forgot to hide the fact that he'd been checking out SexyVixenVinyl. Because that was among several open tabs on his computer, along with one from a bank and info about the COVID-19 virus. (Look closely at the top of the image above.)

Some smartypants on Twitter spotted the tweet and took a screen shot of it before Hume, apparently tipped off about his blunder, cropped the image to eliminate the incriminating evidence.

And, according to published reports, this is the second time Hume has been outed for the same transgression -- if looking at porn sites is really a transgression, but of course, many holier-than-thou Fox News followers would publicly say that it is. But, as we all know, there are right wing nutcases who love porn and playing footsie when they shouldn't be. Just one example. However, they may change their minds if #SexyVixenViny actually becomes part of the Fox News empire.

Now, if you Google "sexy vixen vinyl," here's what you get:

As you can see, in addition to all of those shots of hot women mostly unclad in vinyl, there are nearly as many pics of Brit Hume, which, I presume is what prompted the poobahs at Fox News to decide to make a bid for the site.

Besides Hume's apparent recommendation, this tweet on #SexyVixenVinyl's twitter feed probably sealed their decision:

No doubt, that and other similar comments resulting from this firestorm over the 76-year-old Hume's apparent interest in vinyl clad hotties convinced the other gray hairs at Fox News that the site would be a great investment.

No word on the timing of the acquisition or the price being discussed.

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