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Let's Make Love (Really!) Not War

Something different today on the Lean to the Left podcast. No politics. No Trump or Republican bashing. Instead, we're going to learn how to make love, not war, and goodness knows, this country needs a lot more love.

We're going to learn how to have "magical sex" and our instructor is a former Vietnam War fighter pilot who now coaches people on how to have a fulfilling sex life.

In fact, Frank Wiegers and his wife have written a book about the topic, and operate a website called Frank was a "top gun" fighter pilot, get it?

This is a guy who not only flew fighters, but also raced sports cars and formula 2 cars in Europe, skippered a winning yacht racing crew, taught stunt flying and won the Arizona State aerobatics championship.

But his life was missing something: a fulfilling, loving relationship. So, he attacked that with a vengeance, learning everything he could about love, sex, and relationships.

With degrees in business, aero-engineering, and law, Frank knew how to study, so he sought out teachers from around the world, worked with a native American shaman for over 15 years, and read everything he could find on love, sex and relationships.

Wiegers began working with men in the early nineties and in 2004 met his wife, Judith, a successful personal, career and relationship counselor for over 40 years. Together they have written two books. Their latest, is The Magical Sex Book.

So, on the episode, Wiegers tells us how we can put magic into our relationships. One of the points he makes is that surveys show that most guys -- like 85 percent of us -- think we are great lovers. However, only 15 percent of their mates agree. Damn!

Here's a sample of our questions for Wiegers:

  • I have to say, You are the true-life example of the old adage, “Make Love, not War.”

  • What is magical sex?

  • You say men believe they’re good at love making, which means they don’t now what they don’t know. Explain, please.

  • Are you saying sex is spiritual?

  • What’s intimacy got to do with magical sex?

  • How do you go about making that connection deeper?

  • What do you mean by rituals?

  • What are the four steps?

  • What do you mean by Pre-Play? Is that different from Fore-Play?

  • What’s different about The-Play?

  • So what is After-Play?

  • What is sex magick?

  • Why does a woman have to coach their man?

  • How does a woman start a conversation about her sex life?

  • What if you’re not feeling any desire for sex?

  • What about Sex for those over 50? How about 60? 70? Even 80? Are you kidding me?

  • Do men really need orgasm training?

  • Final Thoughts

  • Do you do coaching, and how do people get in touch with you?

Listen to the episode:

Watch the episode:

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